BLACK LAGOON ROOM Logo 14oz Old Fashioned Cocktail Glass

BLACK LAGOON ROOM Logo 14oz Old Fashioned Cocktail Glass

Lurking deep below the depths of an undisclosed location in the upper Midwest lies the Black Lagoon Room... a cozy tropical getaway from the sub-zero wind chills, arctic squalls and epic snow drifts that can sometimes pack a wallop 'round those parts.

Surely, any Black Lagoon dwelling creature would enjoy kicking back in such comfortable confines (not to mention knocking back several potent potables...)

Our Black Lagoon Room "Thirsty Creature" logo is printed in crisp, white detail (better to see it when you have a full drink) on this classic old fashioned cocktail glass, paying homage to that greatest of murky water dwelling fish men of yore, the Creature from the Black Lagoon! It comes to you ready to convey 14 full ounces of your favorite liquid directly to wherever you decide to pour it.

Each glass comes packed with a Black Lagoon Room logo pulpboard coaster and swizzle stick.

Perfect for your Tiki bar, your regular bar, your monster cave, your haunted mansion, your underwater grotto or wherever you most enjoy imbibing in a few choice quaffs...

G'wan... Drink like a Man Fish!

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