RUM FRANKIE 4" Tall Vinyl Sticker

RUM FRANKIE 4" Tall Vinyl Sticker

Frankie's back at the bar (with a few new modifications!)

Frankenstein is a man's man... he likes a good stiff drink. Nothin' fancy... a nice rum on the rocks. It's GOOOOOD!

So here's your new best drinking buddy RUM FRANKIE!

4" tall, diecut from heavy-weight vinyl, and guaranteed to stick to your favorite skateboard, laboratory table, coffin, or whatever flat surface of your choosing!

If you, like Frankie, like a good stiff cocktail now and then, here's the way to let the world know... I'm a rum man (or woman!)

Printed by the fine folks at Sticker Giant and designed by Pete Klockau at The Black Lagoon Room