**Scratch & Dent** SPOO-TIKI "Fresh Grave Brown" & Green 28 oz 9" Tiki Mug + Extras!

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**Scratch & Dent** SPOO-TIKI "Fresh Grave Brown" & Green 28 oz 9" Tiki Mug + Extras!

***PLEASE NOTE! These are our "Scratch & Dent" remainder stock, meaning they are imperfect - Each may have some minor glaze errors, stray manufacturing marks or other issues. Some of the extra add-ons may be missing (sticker sheets & coasters, especially.) Here's a chance to get a cool, useable mug with a bunch of extra goodies for a rock-bottom price!***

Our poor little Tiki got lost in the graveyard, and he's found himself surrounded by scary spooks!

Here's SPOO-TIKI, our hefty 9" tall, 28oz mug featuring one spooked lookin' Tiki surrounded by an assortment of sneaky spectres plus a bright green interior and dark green accents!

This "Fresh Grave Brown" edition is limited to just 250, holds a whopping 28 oz of your preferred witches' brew, and comes packed with...

--Exclusive glow-in-the-dark "Spoo-Tiki" enamel pin
--Exclusive embroidered merit badge patch
--Exclusive sticker sheet
--Exclusive "Whistling Past the Graveyard" recipe card
--Black Lagoon Room logo swizzle & coaster

Plus! Perhaps a first, the full-color printed box features a cut-out backdrop you can customize with the included sticker sheet!

Also available in "Tombstone Gray" with bright orange interior & accents!

All orders will ship packed snugly and double boxed to ensure your new paranormal pal arrives in tact!