WITCO MAINLANDER 1.75" Full Color Soft Enamel Tiki Pin

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WITCO MAINLANDER 1.75" Full Color Soft Enamel Tiki Pin

Perhaps the most iconic piece ever produced by the Western International Trading Company (WITCO) during their influential stint carving abstract Tiki decor in the 1960's is the majestic MAINLANDER FOUNTAIN!

It was in production during the company's entire history and their small army of fountains watched over countless Tiki bars, Polynesian Palaces, Chinese restaurants, and apartment complexes throughout the US at the peak of Polynesian Pop.

You can almost hear the bird calls in the jungle brush when you hear that gentle trickle of the Mainlander Fountain tucked away in the corner of whatever little slice of paradise you should find one in.

Here's our tribute to the mighty Mainlander, our WITCO MAINLANDER full color soft enamel pin! Just 100 produced, it stands a full 1.75" x 1.75", peering out of a bed of (probably plastic) jungle foliage.

These pins premiered at two Tiki events in Chicago, and are already halfway sold out - once they're gone, they're gone so act fast!